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Promotions, stunts and contests can create word of mouth, increase awareness & recall, drive cume & market share, create compelling listening and are great revenue drivers for advertisers.Another, often unspoken but major benefit, is that a great, well executed, multifaceted promotion can give a station a sharp point of focus and direction.Nova adapted the idea, adding more outrageous and elaborate daily stunts.Many of the stunts would no longer be legally viable. A variation from Triple M Perth was Get Your Hand Off It (listeners keep their hand on a car – last one to get their hand off it, wins it).) – or have started being adapted in consumer marketing outside the media (e.g., many elements of the Share a Coke campaign will have been familiar to anyone who has worked in radio over the last few decades).

The Noongar people occupied the southwest corner of Western Australia and lived as hunter-gatherers.Tossers used the same mechanic – a toss of a coin decided whether you would win a new car or have your car crushed.(There were many other horrible fates – such as having your wedding album destroyed).I look forward to your comments and suggestions for the ones we missed. A piece of junk from Merrick & Rosso’s office was hidden under the change, clues were given, and listeners won the cash if they identified the piece of junk.From Fox FM where listeners had to dig in the sand to win a million dollars. From Hamish and Andy’s show where Andy sailed to Tasmania to celebrate the launch of their show there.

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