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In 1995, CBS entered into an agreement with the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, which owned WJZ-TV and four other stations.

This resulted in WJZ-TV switching from ABC to CBS, sending that ABC affiliation to WMAR-TV channel 2, who lost its NBC affiliation to WBAL-TV channel 11.

Instead of the usual Zone and Act nomenclature, stages are referred to as Rounds which are split into three Zones; the third Zone is significantly shorter than the other two, but features a boss encounter with Dr. While Sonic the Hedgehog and its Mega Drive sequels had very straight forward battles with the doctor, the fights with him in CD are varied, taking fewer hits but being significantly more complicated and difficult.

The control scheme for Sonic remains largely unchanged, the same momentum-based gameplay preserved under the hood.

With the image of Eggman's face smiling at him, Sonic confirmed what he was already expecting.

Jumping onto the chain, Sonic quickly darted up, speeding towards the surface of the Little Planet and preparing to face Eggman once more.

However, in Sonic CD, the action button can be pushed only once, the control pad being held down for a certain amount of time before Sonic can dash ahead. To balance this out, a new move was added to the game, called the Super Peel-Out.

Holding up as opposed to down, Sonic charges up his speed, and when let go will zoom forward faster than he can normally achieve, his legs resembling a figure-eight as opposed to the standard circular loop.

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Both a place of beauty and wonder, it is said that time moves freely on the planet, and that entire sceneries can change in a blink of an eye, all because of the mysterious secret they hold, the seven mystical Time Stones.

Pressing one of the buttons on the control pad once again allows Sonic to curl up into his spin attack, attacking an enemy from any angle as long as spikes or some other dangerous projectile is not in the way.

Pressing down on the control pad while running also allows Sonic to curl up in his spin attack, the roll lasting as long as momentum will allow.

Finally, finding a monitor adorned with Sonic's head grants the player an extra life.

Also making a comeback from the previous titles in the series are springs which will launch Sonic to higher areas, and the familiar-yet-redesigned Lamp Posts, which will return the player to that spot in the event of losing a life.

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