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When the contents of many ancient mounds and pyramids of the Midwest were examined it was shown that the history of the Mississippi River Valleys was that of an ancient and sophisticated culture that had been in contact with Europe and other areas.Not only that, the contents of many mounds revealed burials of huge men, sometimes seven or eight feet tall, in full armor with swords and sometimes huge treasures.The Smithsonian Institution was started in 1829 when an eccentric British millionaire, by the name of James Smithson, died and left 5,169 to create an institution "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men." Unfortunately, there is evidence the Smithsonian has been more active in the suppression of knowledge...than the diffusion of it for the last hundred years.The Stonewatch Newsletter of the Gungywamp Society in Connecticut, which researches megalithic sites in New England, had a curious story in their Winter 1992 issue about stone coffins discovered in 1892 in Alabama which were sent to the Smithsonian Institution and then "lost." , U. David Barron, President of the Gungywamp Society was eventually told by the Smithsonian in 1992 that the coffins were actually wooden troughs and that they could not be viewed anyway because they were housed in an asbestos-contaminated warehouse.This warehouse was to be closed for the next ten years and no one was allowed in except Smithsonian personnel! Sanderson, a well-known zoologist and frequent guest on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in the 1960s (usually with an exotic animal like a pangolin or a lemur), once related a curious story about a letter he received regarding an engineer who was stationed on the Aleutian island of Shemya during World War II.The cover-up and alleged suppression of archaeological evidence began in late 1881 when John Wesley Powell, the geologist famous for exploring the Grand Canyon, appointed However, John Wesley Powell, the director of the Bureau of Ethnology, a very sympathetic man toward the American Indians, had lived with the peaceful Winnebago Indians of Wisconsin for many years as a youth and felt that American Indians were unfairly thought of as primitive and savage.The Smithsonian began to promote the idea that Native Americans, at that time being exterminated in the Indian wars, were descended from advanced civilizations and were worthy of respect and protection.

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The Smithsonian opted for the opposite school, known as Isolationism.

Sanderson seemed convinced that the Smithsonian Institution had received the bizarre relics, but wondered why they would not release the data.

In 1944 an accidental discovery of an even more controversial nature was made by Waldemar Julsrud at Acambaro, Mexico.

Acambaro is in the state of Guanajuato, 175 miles northwest of Mexico City.

The strange archaeological site there yielded over 33,500 objects of ceramic [and] stone, including jade, and knives of obsidian (sharper than steel and still used today in heart surgery).

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