Dating israel and jordan 2016

Such a letter is required before a Palestinian can cross into Jordan from the West Bank to fly out of Amman to other locations.

Prior to that time, the Israel-based Legal Center for Freedom of Movement (Gisha), reports that its clients received Jordanian transit permission relatively easily.

I don't know why; my guess is that they want to make as many Palestinians as possible pay in order to pass." Based on the research he conducted, he estimates that half of those Palestinians who finally travel through Rafah bribe the Egyptian side to pass.

"Some people now believe Rafah does not open until Egyptian officials have guaranteed that enough people to fill at least 10 buses have paid bribes,” he says.

The change is a clear reversal of what had been a trend in the past six years of gradually easing restrictions on the Palestinian business sector.

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The Israeli publication "I applied for a no-objection letter from Jordan three times this year and I was rejected every time," Nasha al-Ramlawi, who was awarded an archaeology scholarship to visit Italy for a month, told the We Are Not Numbers team.

"The university I was to attend has a laboratory that can't be found here, with experienced supervisors." The Italian university contacted the Jordanian embassy, as well as the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, but all in vain. Egypt The Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt has long served as the primary exit point for Palestinians wanting to leave the Strip.

For example, Gaza rapper Ayman Mghamis succeeded in exiting to Amman with the help of the French consulate, which put all of its efforts into obtaining the letter so he could perform in concerts organised by the French Institute of Gaza.

Why is Jordan suddenly shutting the door on these Palestinians? Human Rights Watch staff say, "We hear informally that Jordan doesn't want to be asked to 'solve Gaza's problem' or be seen as an alternative to Egypt for crossing." However, in an investigation led by a writer from We Are Not Numbers (a youth project I founded), many others in Gaza - who do not want to be named for fear of retribution - said they are convinced that the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority has asked Jordanian officials to refuse entry to Gazans, and thus further pressure its arch rival, Hamas (which governs the Strip).

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