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Let's say my goal is to put in my years in finance, and (truly) cash out and leave by the time I'm 40, to live a normal, middle class family life with ironclad financial security.This means I'll have to keep my costs low and live like a normal person during this time. I'm going to be working at a BB over the summer in Manhattan. Having said that, Presidents say a lot of stuff in private, behin... Curious about the dumbest things you've ever said in an interview that make for a funny story.I am looking into transferring to John Cabot University as well as American University of Rome.I am confident I would enjoy going to school in Italy significantly more than in the US, however ultimately my goal is to work in NYC within ER/AM/HF and I am concerned that I simply will not be taken ser...

Retail and institutional investors alike are increasingly gaining exposure to digital currencies for different r...Gamers, we are excited to see Heart of Frost update arriving later this day. So essentially I'll be on the market for the car in the next weeks before I head back to school for my final semester.Please make sure you have enough **Aion Kinah US**/Aion Kinah EU(depends on your playing servers) as you will follow gold.raiditem to return to Aion, earning great prizes. I've already accepted my FT offer following my SA program last summer.We created these Whats App groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy ...Hey guys - I am simply looking to find a good RE head hunter or even a recruiting firm that can help me find a new job.

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