Dating sitzendorf marks

The mark was used from 1771 to 1821 and was originally hand-painted over or under the glaze.Companies both in and outside Italy have used the mark ever since. This selection features a vintage German box shaped like a lady in a yellow ruffled dress and matching hat with a purple scarf and floral accents.The underside is incised with the Sitzendorf maker’s mark below the incised numbers 12884.After the war and Germany’s split, Sitzendorf continued to produce decorative porcelain; in 1958 it, like many other industries, was put under the management of the East German government.Production continued to decrease in the 20th century.Q My husband and I were given this piece after my mother-in-law died at the age of 89.

The measurements are 15 inches tall and 11 inches across at its widest point.The larger box is marked on the underside, “Cooks Club® Quality & Design, China” and the smaller box is stamped, “Designed by Midwest® of Cannon Falls, Made in China”.It was in business as Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur, the "Oldest Volkstedt Porcelain Manufactory", which was integrated into the VEB Vereinigte Zierporzellanwerke Lichte, which in turn formed part of the Kombinat Feinkeramik Kahla.Following the reunification of Germany, in 2006/07 the factory buildings were restored to their 18th-century appearance and opened to the public.During the 19th century the manufactory attracted subsidiary and rival workshops in Rudolstadt: they included Beyer & Bock, Karl Ens, Kämmer & Kramer, Ernst Bohne Söhne, Műller & Hammer.

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