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Winchester name brand and the Model 1894 go hand and hand. Browning in 1893 specifically to be a perfect match for the new 30-30, which was smokeless cartridge.It was a culmination of the evolution of Winchester lever actions and proving to be an extremely versatile rifle.

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Special order finishes were available from Winchester in Nickel , Silver, Gold , Silver and Gold , Blue and Case color.

There were a low number of Deluxe guns manufactured with pistol gtip stocks that were checkered with extra high gloss finish.

** PARTS CLEAN UP Recommended books on this subject The Winchester Book by George Madis Winchester Slide Actions by Ned Schwing Copyright© 2004

Winchester 73's were manufactured in the following caliber's --22 short --22 long --32-20--38-40--44-40 .

For more information on this subject we recommend the following books: WINCHESTER ENGRAVING by R.

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