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[We poured it] not into the reactor itself but [only] into the external pipes.If we are instructed to restore the former reactor and advance the former program that is unsuitable to [the present time] and is 40 or 50 years out of date, we will remove the front and back parts of these pipes and put in new pipes, which will take only several months.NIR is entrusted with the task of coordinating IP Address allocation with other Internet resource management function at national level in the country.NIXI was recognized by APNIC in March 2012 to become the NIR for the country.We want it to remain valid and we see it as [an achievement] for our national and regional interests..." "I warn [the U.S.] that if they violate the JCPOA, North Korea will say that the Americans do not meet their commitments.Those pictures are photoshopped, and [the people who presented them] must apologize and confess that they are deceiving public opinion with falsehoods."We [actually] poured cement only into some of the reactor's pipelines, [pipes] several centimeters in diameter and two to three meters long.

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This move sends various technical and professional messages, and the other side [the U. and the West] understands them." "We have further assessments that cannot presently be published, but whenever the [Iranian] team overseeing the JCPOA takes a decision and informs the AEOI about it, we will inform the public.

of India, Department of Electronics & Information Technology endorsed the operations of National Internet Registry (NIR) to National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).

NIR is an entity under the umbrella of a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) which is Asia Pacific Network Information centre (APNIC).

[Newspaper and television] reporters are supposed to visit the various areas of this [Fordo] facility.

If you have archive photos [of it], you can see how much the facility has changed and what activities are taking place, especially in the field of stable isotopes and in the various labs.

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