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Late night nude stroll in hotel leads to sublime humiliation. " the smaller of the two women asked, as she approached from down the hotel corridor, having just exited from the elevator.

"Just getting some ice." I continued to ladle some ice cubes into my bucket, while I modestly stayed facing the ice dispenser to ensure no frontal view. " queried the taller one, as they stopped only five to six feet from me. Read On Added: | Category: Exhibitionism | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,407 | Tags: cfnm femdom bdsm submissiveness | 1 Comment How Lisa came to have sex with her landlord Lisa lay still on the bed knowing that he had not quite finished with her yet.

Two full days passed before Alyssa finally texted Damien.

Not wanting to appear desperate, she had fought the temptation to contact him the very next day after their amazingly erotic encounter at Pan’s Labyrinth.

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For one thing, I had waited so long, being such a shy, mother-dominated eighteen year old...

I came out of a relationship with a boyfriend who had cheated on me, though he repeatedly told me that it had been a drunken fling and that I should get over it. The bad news is I got into a fender bender today at a stoplight. That first access to the warm juices of a woman's secret place.

What's worse is that it was my fault since I rear-ended somebody. It won't cost us any money and nor do we have to make a claim. In spite of my forty or so years in my present business, that first time, and its consequences will live with me forever.

It was August, so early meant about five thirty AM. Read On Added: | Category: Voyeur | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,497 | Tags: voyeur lesbian outdoor mature | 2 Comments How a traffic light broke my boring routine Another boring day with the same boring routine.

With the kids safely off to school, I looked around in the cramped apartment.

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