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That meant we needed to choose a responsible method of family planning.

We wanted to ensure the egg and the sperm would never meet, but if they somehow did, that life wouldn’t be aborted by the con­traceptive.

That evening, he said, “Jess, I think I’m ready for us to have a baby. ” Only a few times in my life have I been that happy and excited. I told Shaun I didn’t care what we had to do in the future, I wouldn’t be going back on contraception. ” As much as I tried not to stress about it, I was worried that our use of contraception had left Jessica sterile.

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.” “And what about the mother who is addicted to drugs? Jessica hesitated for health reasons, so I said I would go to the doctor with her. From there, it seemed as easy as choosing a method. For me, the goal was to make the issue “out of sight, out of mind.” To achieve my educational goals and maintain the integ­rity of my future family, using birth control was a no-brainer.As good as our intentions were — not to form a family that we couldn’t manage — we were deeply mistaken about our obligations in marriage. ” and “” We stopped the contraception immediately, hoping she would be pregnant soon. I had to force myself to eat well when I didn’t want to eat at all, and I gained weight at an alarming pace.After two years of preventing pregnancy through contraception, I earned my undergraduate degree and landed a decent job. It’s a unique sort of satisfaction that filled her face. I had had two rounds of the shot when, in a social situation, I met the nurse who had administered the shot to me. I guess I would put it this way: personally, I’m pro-life; I would never have or encourage an abortion.Since money problems were a major cause of divorce, I was convinced that the thirty-dollar cost of birth control was better for our marriage than the thousands of dollars it costs to have children — at least until I got my college degree and had a good job.

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