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Just keep in mind, you don’t want them to wait too long because they may just move on! Not to brag or anything, but I’m the God of Love, and even I am sometimes intimidated by the City that Never Sleeps. And when it comes to finding another god or goddess or even a mere…

In the world of dating, sometimes, we all have to tell someone we don’t want to see them again and this can be a really difficult topic to approach.

Go Climb a Tree- At Red Mountain Park, the 14-mile network of hiking trails and walking paths is dotting with a series of charming treehouses and lookouts.

The shaded paths wind through fragrant woods and the soft rustling of leaves silences the sounds of the city all around you.

Who wouldn’t want to go out and have a few drinks to help you relax after a long day of work, decompress and vent with an empathizing ear?At a Barons game, you get an even more intimate baseball experience than fans of The Show; when was the last time you got to chat with the players at an MLB game?Grab a juicy hot dog and a cold brew, kick back and enjoy the game, the camaraderie, and share a laugh over campy entertainment like mascot races!Pale Eddie is widely believed to have played a significant role in the end of prohibition, so it's a fitting tribute to raise a foamy glass of local craft beer to his memory at Pale Eddie's Pour House.A Day at Regions Field - Birmingham may not have its own MLB team, but that doesn't mean we're not passionate about our national pastime!

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