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However, any woman looking for long-term love might want to think twice about offering her phone number to strange men - because they might view her as more interested in a fling.Surprisingly, for men looking to chat up women, talking about the weather seems to be a surefire hit.Forget shy smiles and pointed small talk - the way to a man's heart is by giving him no room to misunderstand your intentions.Men favour a direct, no-nonsense approach when being chatted up by women, according to research. The researchers, from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, said that men find it hard to 'read' hints, even if they are accompanied by flirty body language.Men found a direct approach, such as an invitation to dinner or the cinema, the most appealing.Exchanges of phone numbers scored next best with the male volunteers, followed by indirect invitations, including 'Do you have plans later? ' The women also rated the direct approach the most highly - but were also impressed with those lines which were designed to pin down common interests.The full history will open in a small window to the left.

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