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Serena thinking it can "just happen" when what she doesn't realize she needs is a thoughtful, plan-ahead guy like Dan, who gets new sheets because Vanessa said. They picked the writer character and gave him a creepy/sweet reason for stalking Serena for a decade and called it a damn day. Once the Titanic has hit the iceberg, you don’t bother about whether or not the engine’s running.

A guy who looks at Serena with love and respect and she's never had that. And if this insane, sappy, over-the-top melodrama of a show is what you came for, this too-tidy, ridiculous, implausible finale is what you get. You climb into a lifeboat and watch, enraptured, as the glowing, majestic vessel descends into the icy sea.

He leverages his money and position to influence both Jenny and Serena.

He mentions to Nate that perfection needs to be “violated.” In short, he seems pretty practiced at this.

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Instead, the show kinda...pretends it didn’t happen. It’s not uncommon for shows to have a minor, or even major, retooling between its pilot and subsequent episodes.Welcome to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where high society and low blows go hand in hand and affluent young people live for gossip and scandal …and fashion, shopping and partying in New York’s trendiest hotspots.If that moment doesn't make you want to cry, then you are dead inside. And Lisa Loeb is there, so just you shut up about the final scene. HI, SOCIETY (1.10)This episode is so self-serious, gaudy, dramatic, and my favorite. The Pierces sing their song about secrets that later became the theme. Best line of the episode: "You almost made a fool of me in front of !Which is all to say, this is the episode where Dan and Serena (maybe? More importantly, this is the episode where Chuck and Blair bone! The problem here is that Dan is Gossip Girl, and you know what? Blair (wearing the necklace Chuck gave her for her birthday) and Serena look like the goddamn moon and the mother-freaking sun, respectively. Jenny, that un-mothered mongrel, is such a goddamn bitch in this episode; she rejects perfectly cute vintage shoes and demonstrates an alarming lack of fashion imagination for someone who wants to be a designer. Cece, of course, is a villain for the ages by concern-trolling Dan and eloquently laying out, you know, the themes of the series. " And a major development: Blair and Nate finally bang.

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