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For those who don’t understand the magnitude of his reach, just check out his After growing into an adult, this was my grand introduction into having comprehensive knowledge of rape culture’s mechanics.Similar to this week’s other news regarding Life or Death PR head Heathcliff Berru being ousted following sexual assault allegations that were reported and backed by other women, many of his peers knew but failed to do anything.

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In that same interview, he said he loved Aaliyah, who was 15-years-old when he R.In June of 2002, the Polk County Sheriff’s Department kicked in the door of Kelly’s family home and dragged him through his arrest. 1998’s “I Believe I Can Fly” had come only four years earlier, and allowed Kelly to go from an act with, mainly, an African-American audience to one with cross-over appeal. If aliens land and want to destroy earth it should be played to dissuade them. The presiding judge in that trial, the honorable Judge Vincent M.This after the infamous sex tape ended up in the hands of the . Gaughan once refused to throw Kelly in jail for going on tour all over the country without telling the court and for getting bagged in Utah with his tour bus going 101 mph.Not just started with her doing that to me.” The victim has become the perpetrator, despite Kelly claiming otherwise. And this is the reason, I think, why fans continue to flock to Kelly despite the egregiousness of the crimes he was deemed not guilty for. And even for many in music, his talent must come off as some kind of eerie gift-from-god.So I’m not going to call the peers who work with Kelly enablers or participators in the sexual violence that he’s perpetrated to others.

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