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The Tokyo Main Office moved to a new building in Koto Ward, Tokyo.In 2005, the Tokyo Main Office Building has obtained certification for the highest evaluation rank of "S" under CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency).tradition, the foundation of Takenaka Corporation Takenaka Corporation is Japan’s oldest architectural, engineering and construction firm.It has a long history rich in tradition that spans over 400 years.The building continued to be used by the bank for business until 1965, when it was demolished in order to construct a new head office building. The exterior appearance retained a conventional storehouse style, in consideration of the character of the Kyoto area, and as a drapery store.

We hope to develop from “Green design” to “Green for Building”, “Green for Heart”, and furthermore “Green for City”.Takenaka Corporation has created a large number of Japan’s most prominent landmarks.Since 1960, Takenaka Corporation has established offices in many countries around the globe.Over the years, it has been the recipient of many design, innovation and quality awards.Groundbreaking for this building was around 1829, and the main construction work began around 1837.

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