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The path to internet riches begins with an introductory product, such as a book or DVD.This is often a loss leader: the real value for the Internet Marketer is that it allows him to capture your contact information.He called the hospital, got my room number, talked to me in the hospital.I remember this really well, because I was watching CSPAN and how the economy was going, and I’m sitting in this ICU room talking to him on the phone, and he’s talking to me like a good friend.It catalogs Internet Marketing’s misdeeds, telling the stories of the scammers’ victims with sarcasm and black humor."This is a really dark topic," says Jones, "and the [victims] feel raped almost, so the sense of outrage [on the site] is appropriate to their level of suffering." When we met in the high-rise apartment that he shares with his wife, our surroundings belied the image he cultivates on the site: that of the angry, nerdy, loner-cum-robot."And I know all this stuff about ‘too good to be true,’ but he went into great detail about how his brother was a paraplegic, and he helped his brother do this, and that the reason he was going to do it was because of me, he could only have one person under his wing, so to speak." It was in this vulnerable state, facing death and trying to care for his family, that Richard Joseph charged ,000 on his credit card, money that he has yet to reclaim after phone calls, a lawsuit, and nearly three lean years.

This is what the Internet Marketer is after when they sell you a book.

According to Jones, The Salty Droid is a satirical character he dreamt up between jobs, while studying the Ruby on Rails open source web framework and blowing off steam on Twitter and Blogger. "This whole project kind of flashed to me in a second. They're using all these open tools, and it's great for their scam, but it's really vulnerable to what I'm about to do.’ And it is really vulnerable to what I'm doing." In Internet Marketing, there are a few terms you have to know before you get started: leads, lead generation, and product launches.

"The moment where I had the idea for The Salty Droid [blog] is actually on the site, it's a really early post where I'm talking to this guy on Twitter, he responds to me — his name is Matt Bacak," a well-known Internet Marketer. A "lead" is a prospective customer, and "lead generation" refers to the creation of possible customers and building lists of these people.

Raygoza is an Internet Marketer — a 21st century snake oil salesman.

The term Internet Marketing in this context describes both a particular business model used to sell fraudulent products and services online, and the community or subculture that embraces it.

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